Investor Access

Services to address all of your priorities in life

Your financial objectives may range from accumulating wealth to planning for retirement to making your money last as long as possible through retirement. In fact, over the course of your lifetime, you will undoubtedly pursue all of these goals. With the full range of financial services we offer, we can help you be prepared for all the significant events of your life.

Asset management

Our objectives are to preserve wealth, achieve a reasonable rate of return, and counter the erosive effects of inflation and taxes. We provide discretionary asset management services to individuals and institutions and remain committed to following a disciplined investment process. We are held to a fiduciary standard to put our clients’ interests first. Through this relationship, we have a mutually shared goal of protecting and growing your portfolio.

Our proprietary customized models help ensure we maintain the proper asset allocation among cash, equity, fixed-income securities and alternative investments. We believe the formula for investment management should include the key components of skilled investment research, long-term planning and a well-managed professional relationship. Calculating the tax effect of changes in your portfolio before making buys and sells helps avoid costly and unnecessary money paid out in taxes. As it is often said, “It’s not what you make but what you keep.”

Asset allocation does not guarantee a profit nor protect against loss.

Financial planning

There’s much more to your life than simple transactions and returns. Similarly, there’s more to financial planning than just a portfolio and a retirement strategy. You have many things to plan for now and well into the future, so we look at financial planning through a wide lens, and we develop strategies designed to keep you comfortable in the present while helping you reach your near and long-term goals.

Our comprehensive financial planning services include:

  • Net-worth analysis
  • Cash flow planning
  • Strategic asset allocation
  • Retirement planning
    • Traditional IRAs
    • Roth IRAs
    • Qualified retirement plans
    • Company retirement plan rollovers
    • IRC Sec.72-T and NUA tax strategies
  • Education planning
    • Education savings accounts
    • 529 college savings plans
    • Custodial accounts
  • Trust and estate planning
  • Insurance and annuities
  • Liquidity and cash flow strategies
  • Tax planning and liability management
  • Retirement planning
Retirement Planning

Once in retirement, preserving your wealth and maintaining your lifestyle are likely among your highest priorities. Taxes and inflation can reduce your standard of living while health care expenses can become the biggest challenge to preserving the estate you have worked so hard to build. We can help you prepare for this most significant milestone in life. Monitoring your financial progress and adjusting for the current economic climate helps protect against the risk of having to adjust your standard of living in your retirement years. Our comprehensive analysis of your goals, resources and personal financial situation will give you the confidence to make the transition into the retirement you deserve.

College planning

If your goals include providing for the future of a child or grandchild, we can help you investigate your many options and develop an education funding strategy. We can help you provide for this opportunity with investment vehicles such as 529 college savings accounts, specialized trust vehicles and Coverdell education savings accounts.

Estate planning

Whether it’s providing income for a spouse, educating children or grandchildren or leaving money to your favorite charity, proper estate planning can help ensure that your assets accumulated over your lifetime are preserved for the use you have intended.

A well-designed estate plan can effectively help mitigate your family’s tax burden. We can offer financial strategies designed to efficiently manage the transfer of wealth from one generation to the next and mitigate related tax issues.

By coordinating our efforts with your tax and legal professionals and working closely with you and your family, we will strive to help you establish a financial tradition that can be passed on for generations.